Define. Measure. Manage.

What is Lachesis?


Prior to my initial meeting, in doing some due diligence on my own, I discovered two main definitions for Lachesis…. One of the Three Moirai in Greek mythology, OR a pit viper.

I was pleased to learn that it’s the former of the two.

Lachesis was one of the Three Moirai (Fates) in Greek mythology. Her sisters were Clotho and Atropos, and they were all daughters of Zeus and Themis. The name Lachesis derives from the verb meaning “to obtain by fate, lot, or divine will”. She had the task of measuring the thread of life that was spun on the spindle Clotho held. As a result, she was responsible for deciding how much life each living being on Earth had. After measuring the thread, she also was the decider of a person’s destiny.

Source: Greek Mythology

Greek obsessions aside…

Lachesis is an organization providing business strategy advice based on decades of experience both at home and abroad. We are NOT an IT company, a development house nor do we implement any applications. The Lachesis founders are a team of professionals with International consulting experience, two of whom are native to Northwest Indiana, and have returned to provide sound consultative services to the small- to mid-market.

Here’s how it works:

Following a discovery meeting, the team will write a scope of work to address the specific objectives from the meeting. After agreeing upon an initial fee (typically less than $20K), the professional team gathers and analyzes the data based on that specific purpose such as:

  • Target growth and/or EBITDA objectives
  • Profitability / Performance overall or of a specific business line or offering
  • Due diligence in acquisitions and mergers
  • Company valuation
  • Retainer based services on-going
  • Expansion / Additional location analysis (with demographics if necessary)
  • And more…

Following the data gathering and analysis, as part of a defined scope of work, the team will create actionable deliverables, and provide follow-up consulting on implementation.

We will be happy to meet with you (no fee for the initial consultation) to see how the incredible team at Lachesis can provide visibility to data in a way you’ve never imagined!

No more guessing….