Define. Measure. Manage.

Systems gather data. People make decisions.


Two of the most important questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have visibility to my organizations data in an easy to read presentation?
  • How am I using the data to make more informed decisions and/or to promote specific activity?

Looking back at the past ten years of my career, I recall many discussions with customers, vendors and friends (great dinner topics, huh?) about data. Various topics of discussion and presentations throughout the years include hardware and software, managed services, disaster recovery, cloud security, and an assorted array of other topics. And, in all of those conversations, I cannot recall one that didn’t include a discussion about data.

We all know that data is everywhere.. online, on personal devices, company and personal workstations/laptops, company servers, etc. Applications of all types and sizes are gathering information regarding purchases, production, inventory, sales, receivables, product and warranty information, finances… the list goes on.

In many cases, I have found that companies have salaried professionals, in various departments, creating Excel spreadsheets that contain a variety of financial reports for the executive teams. Month after month the same reports are pulled from the same data sources in order for the executive team to make a decision about the future. And to make matters worse, for most companies, the data is weeks (or even months) old.

Is this activity simply a time consuming part of doing business?


Or, is it time for an enhancement?

Nearly every software application on the market has a dashboard or business intelligence (BI) aspect to it. Yet, the dashboards are generic and merely provide the “Report” as depicted in the above illustration in a different manner. In my definition, BI is the ability to gain intelligence specifically about your business. And, in my opinion, true BI has been an elusive creature equated to the Loch Ness monster or Sasquatch…. Many reported sightings … No real substance.

Until now.


BI provides the ability to gain knowledge and insights into your business by looking at your data while partnering with the executive team.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to combine multiple data sources, regardless of where the data resides, i.e. cloud based, in-house server, etc., to provide visibility to your data so that you can make more informed decisions?

Want to open a new location? Use the heat map to identify the areas with the most need for your products based on hsitorical sales demand.


If you find that too much time is being spent on manually gathering and assembling data for those monthly financial reports, daily/weekly production reports, board packets, or data gathering in order to make business decisions, call me.

We will be happy to meet with you (no fee for the initial consultation) to see how the incredible team at Lachesis can provide visibility to data in a way you’ve never imagined!