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Power BI licensing updates

Microsoft will be updating the licensing terms on PowerBI free edition. Beginning on June 1st, dashboard sharing will no longer be available without PowerBI pro. The good news for individual analysts is the free version will have increased storage and access to all data sources. Read more here.

Are you working IN or ON the business?

Making the transition from working IN the business to working ON the business is a decision every business owner will face. Many owners are entrepreneurs and through blood, sweat, and tears made the company what it is today; many inherited the organization and the same processes that grew the company to what it is today are still in place; while others made their way through the ranks to the CEO position and have visions beyond the current state of status quo. Last week I met with the current CEO of a $12M organization that simply stated "I'm tired of working IN the business and want to concentrate on working ON the business." As we continued to chat over lunch I began to understand his concerns. He's been working in the business throughout his entire career, how do you start unraveling yourself from the fabric of the organization while taking it to new heights? Here are some things to consider......

Do your financials need a facelift?

When I was growing up, I remember that my father would keep a hand-written ledger of all the income and expenses for the family. He would ask that my mother give him all the receipts from grocery, drug store, etc. purchases and he would meticulously record them in the appropriate columns for tracking purposes. The columns were labeled as income, expenses, taxes, etc. and as entries were made, a running total was calculated. He would then use the information to provide 'budgets' for expenditures such as groceries, etc. Sound familiar? This was the financial statement for the household. While my father was still using the 'general ledger' system of the past, there were countless calculating machines developed over the years from the 1890s through 1970s such as the Ada Lovelace computing machine, IBMs 9PAC, and the first SAP in 1973. And although these devices assisted in the calculations, the first accounting software made available to the public was Peachtree in 1977. And the paradigm shift began... from ledgers to statements.....

What is Lachesis?

Over the past few months, we have worked with two high-performing clients who were trying to improve their financial results. Despite the fact that these clients operate in completely different industries and serve completely different customers, there are similarities in the difficulties we faced while helping these companies...

Systems gather data. People make decisions.

Two of the most important questions to ask yourself:
  • Do I have visibility to my organizations data in an easy to read presentation?
  • How am I using the data to make more informed decisions and/or to promote specific activity?
Looking back at the past ten years of my career, I recall many discussions with customers, vendors and friends (great dinner topics, huh?) about data. Various topics of discussion and presentations throughout the years include hardware and software, managed services, disaster recovery, cloud security, and an assorted array of other topics. And, in all of those conversations, I cannot recall one that didn't include a discussion about data.....